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Sonic Customer Satisfaction Survey @ Get Exciting Rewards from Sonic

Talk to Sonic is a guest satisfaction survey conducted by Sonic Drives to know how customers feel about their services and food. They want their customers to know which areas they are doing good and which areas they need to improve. Although they are one of the biggest companies in the market, it still believes there is always a scope for improvement. Customers need to provide them with genuine feedback @ www.talktosonic.Ccom about their recent visits and help their favorite eatery grow. 

Customers need to keep the receipt from their latest purchase intact and fill in the survey by answering some basic questions about their food quality, hygiene at the store, cleanliness, staff members’ cooperation, how well they’re treated, and how long it takes to bill you to order, etc. In return, users of the survey will get fantastic rewards of free food and drinks on their next visits. 

What is Sonic Customer Survey All About?

Survey NameTalk to Sonic Survey
LanguagesEnglish or Spanish
Survey URL
RewardsFree drinks and food coupon codes
Receipt Validity Period14 Days from the purchase

The major objective behind this survey is to know about their customers’ needs and build a direct connection with them by letting them know someone is listening to them. This survey asks about the customers’ experience at Sonic recently. They have to share their genuine feedback and suggestions by answering some questions. This way, the company can improve its services and implement the changes suggested by customers. Talktosonic survey code is non-transferable and cannot be used by any other person on your behalf.

Customers also stand a chance to win some amazing prizes of free food and drinks at Sonic. These prizes are Sonic coupons online code that can be redeemed on their next visit. They also get to share their opinions with the company directly.

What are Talktosonic Survey Rules?

  • Participants should be 18 or older to take this survey.
  • To participate, you must be a legal resident of the U.S.A.
  • The validation code is only valid for 14 days from its generation. 
  • You can use this sonic survey code only once.
  • You can redeem one coupon per visit.
  • Employees of the company and people associated with it can not participate in the survey.
  • Prizes will not be rewarded as direct money or cash prizes.
  • Lack of or providing the wrong contact information will not be the responsibility of the sponsors.

Sonic Feedback Survey Requirements

  • Participants should have a purchase bill from a recent visit.
  • There should be proper internet access to fill out the survey questionnaire.
  • A basic understanding of either English or Spanish is mandatory to access the Sonic feedback survey questions.
  • Access to devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile phones is needed.
  • A valid email address is required to access the survey.

Talktosonic Customer Survey Questions

Feedback is conducted with the customers facing some questions that are asked in different categories. Questions appear on the screen one after the other once you have answered the earlier questions. We have created a list of some questions to provide you with an idea about the questions in Talktosonic customer survey questionnaire.

  1. What food did you order on your last visit?
  2. How was your overall satisfaction with the taste of the food that you ordered?
  3. How would you rate the value for the price you paid?
  4. How well behaved and welcoming were the staff members of the store?
  5. How long did it take to bill your order?
  6. Rate your overall experience at the Sonic drives store
  7. Have you faced any issues during the last visit?
  8. How would you recommend this Sonic Drive store to your family and friends?
  9. Did you find any difficulty in finding and reaching this store, Sonic Drives?
  10. How would you rate the cleanliness and hygiene of the store?

How to Finish Sonic Guest Survey?

  1. To participate in the Talk to Sonic survey, you first need to visit their official survey website, i.e.,, or you can go to their official website and visit their contact us section for survey questions.
  1. After opening the website on your devices, you need to enter your survey code printed on your receipts, restaurant number, date and time of your visit, transaction number, and the total amount of your order and press ‘start.’ You can find all these details on the invoice for your order.
  2. You will be asked to enter the store address where you visited.
  3. Once done, a series of questions will be coming on your screen in several different categories.
  4. Questions will be asked about the staff members, products, services, store hygiene, cleanliness, etc. you have to rate them according to your experience. Do not skip any questions. A completion update bar will show your progress at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Once you have answered all the questions and are satisfied with your responses, you can submit your feedback.
  6. After submitting the feedback properly, email notifications will reward you with coupons for free food and drinks.
  7. Viola, you are done with Sonic guest survey.

Sonic Rewards

Sonic drive appreciates your efforts in filling out the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire and providing your genuine feedback. So, in exchange for your valuable views and opinions, they reward you with some amazing gift vouchers, which could get you free food and drinks on your next visit to the Sonic restaurants. You will get the prize in the gift card form, which you must claim within 60 days. You can redeem your reward for purchasing at Sonic Drives.

A Simple 2 minutes customer feedback survey can help Sonic improve, and you will be rewarded with a free drink on your next visit.- Free Iced Tea, Soft Drinks, Limeades, and Slush. Please note that Sonic rewards may be different depending on the participating restaurant. Apart from this, they also provide amazing rewards like Sonic coupon codes, offers, and discount coupons to their genuine and loyal customers for filling out their survey and helping them improve their products’ quality and service. You also get a chance to directly share your feedback and opinions with Sonic Drives, who will listen to your views and work on them to improve your future visits.

About Sonic Drive

Sonic Drive is an American fast-food chain that serves almost all over the country of America. They are famous for their trust and relevance among their customers. Sonic was established on 18 June 1953 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A. Troy Smith founded it. It has over 3,550 (2022) stores in about 23 states of America. They are currently headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the U.S.A., with more than 10,000 workers working as their offline and online teams. 

They offer hamburgers, chicken, sandwiches, hotdogs, french fries, soft drinks, soft serves, milkshakes, salads, coffee, breakfast, and wraps on their menus. They also conduct surveys about customers’ choices in different sections and their likings regarding their visits to Sonic Restaurants. 

NameSonic Drive
Founded on18 June 1953
FounderTroy Smith
Number of Sonic locations3,550 (2022) stores in about 23 states of America
HeadquartersOklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Productshamburger, chicken, sandwiches, hotdogs, french fries, soft drinks, soft serves, milkshakes, salads, coffee, breakfast, and wraps

Sonic Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 1-866-657-6642
  • Headquarters Address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
  • Mailing Address: 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104 
  • Sonic Hours: 6 pm. To 10 pm
  • Support Hours: 24 x 7 hours for email and 6 pm. To 10 pm for live chat assistance
  • Social Media Links
    • Instagram – 
    • Facebook – 
    • Twitter – 
    • Youtube – 
    • Linkedin – 

Sonic Near Me Locator 

To find the nearest Sonic near me restaurant, you can visit You need to provide them with your location, and they will find the nearest store for your food orders. You will get the complete address of that store and the map directions to easily reach there. In addition, they provide you with the center contact details and the center timings for your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Sonic close?

Sonic closes at 10 PM. However, depending on the locations of the restaurant, timings may vary.

What time does Sonic open?

Sonic opens at 6 AM. However, timings may vary depending on the locations of the restaurant.

Who owns Sonic?

Troy Smith owns the Sonic Drive-in.

Where is the nearest Sonic?

You can find the nearest Sonic store at

How many numbers are on the Sonic drive in survey?

There is a 15-digit code number that is to be answered on the Sonic Drive In Survey.

Where is the Sonic survey id number?

You can find the Sonic Survey ID number on the receipt from your recent visit.

How long does the Sonic satisfaction survey drink last?

You must redeem Sonic Route 44 drink within 60 days after the date you complete the Sonic Drive in survey questionnaire.

Sonic customer feedback survey, how to cheat?

You can not cheat on the Sonic customer satisfaction survey.

How should Sonic monitor customer satisfaction?

Visit the Sonic official talktosonic com website to fill out their customer satisfaction survey.

How do I use a Sonic coupon?

You can use the Sonic coupon on your next visit to the franchise outlet.

How to get Sonic coupons?

You can get free Sonic coupons by filling out the survey.

How to get text coupons from Sonic?

You can get text coupons from Sonic on your contact number mentioned at the time of the survey.

How many Sonic restaurants are there?

There are over 3,500 Sonic stores in America.

Does Sonic have inside dining?

Yes, Sonic Drive-in also provides dine-in.


Share your experience at Sonic Drive restaurants by writing down genuine reviews and feedback to Talk to Sonic. For providing these opinions and suggestions, you will be rewarded with amazing rewards, i.e., free food and drinks gift vouchers with your next valid minimum purchase. Just keep the invoice of your recent visit and fill in the survey to win great rewards.

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