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Saver Survey @ | Earn an Amazing Discount of $2 Off on $5 Purchase!

Savers listens to one of the finest and most unique feedback surveys conducted by any company of its kind. is a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Savers Value Village to ensure customers’ views and suggestions about their products and services. They want to hear from their customers about their good goings and improvement scopes. Through this survey, they want to increase their credibility in the market as gaining customer trust is most important for any company.

You need to complete a random survey about any of your recent visits with at least one compulsory purchase as they love hearing from their happy and loyal customers. This survey is conducted at their official survey website You will be rewarded with some Savers discount coupons worth $2 at your next purchase. You will get an assured coupon for filling out and providing genuine feedback each time you submit one.

All About Saverslistens Survey

Survey NameSavers listens survey
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish
Survey URL
Rewards$2 Savers coupons on $5 purchase
Receipt Validity Period7 days from your visit

The objective of the company conducting this survey is very clear. They want to run a feedback survey through where they want their customers to provide their experiences with the staff, their products, services, etc. so that your feedback and reviews can make them aware of where they are lagging. They want to make improvements in the current status of their business. It helps managers and associates recognize the store’s shortcomings and development scope.

Customers, in exchange for their valuable Savers feedback, the company provides them with a discount offer of value $2, which they can redeem at their next purchase with the Savers Value Village. They can win that prize instantly after filling out the Savers survey questionnaire.

Rules and Regulations for Savers Survey

  • Only one survey can be filled per household each month.
  • A purchase or a donation is required to participate in the Savers survey.
  • No prize will be rewarded in direct money or cash reward.
  • You can not club this prize discount offer with any other offer.
  • You should claim the offer within 90 days of making a purchase.
  • Receipt of either purchase or donation is valid only for the next seven days from the issue.
  • Coupons will be rewarded only after the completion of survey.
  • Family members and immediately close friends of any member, employee, or associate of the Savers company are not eligible to participate in the survey.

What you Require for Savers Customer Survey?

  • You should be of a minimum of 18 years or above to qualify for Savers guest satisfaction survey.
  • You can participate only if you are a legal resident of the 50 United States of America.
  • To access the survey questions, you must have a P.C. like a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is required.
  • Proper internet connectivity is required to access the survey website without errors.
  • Making a purchase or a donation is required to participate in the Savers customer survey.

Sample Questions in Saverslistens Com Survey

This Saverslistens com survey contains a wide range of questions in a series of categories. Most questions are in Rating format, where you need to select an option according to your experience. Here is a list of some such questions to make it easy for you.

  • Which of the following department you purchase from?
  • Did you donate to our non-profit organization partner during your visit to Savers.
  • Please rate your overall shopping experience at the Savers.
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction while making a donation to the non-profit partner at the Savers.
  • Speed of service in the donation center.
  • Ceanliness of the store in the donation center.
  • Availability of assistance in the store
  • Friendliness of the staff members in the store.
  • The ease of moving through the store.
  • Did you find a treasure today.

How to participate in survey Online?

  • Visit the Savers official survey website, i.e.,, to participate in the survey.
  • Once you have opened the website, you can access it in two languages, i.e., either English or Spanish, English is the default language. You can select ‘Espanol’ to choose Spanish.
  • Once you have selected the language, you need to select whether you have a purchase receipt or you have a donation receipt.
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  • If you have made a purchase, enter the 19-digit customer code on your receipt and press ‘start’.
savers survey image
  • If you had donated, you have to enter the 4-digit customer code printed on the invoice and a few other details like the date and time of your visit, etc., and then press ‘start’ as previously.
  • Now a series of questions will appear in different categories. Each question consists of some options, and you have to opt for anyone amongst them which best suits your experience. Fill out each question, and do not skip any question.
  • Once you completed answering all questions you can submit your feedback by selecting ‘submit’.
  • After submitting the feedback and filling out the survey questionnaire, you will be rewarded with your Savers discount coupon code of $2, which you can redeem at your next visit.
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  • Viola, you are done.

Savers Rewards

To appreciate your value of time spent during the filling of the Savers customer satisfaction survey, they provide you with free discount coupons worth $2, which you can redeem at your next purchase at Savers Value Village. These rewards are not transferable to any other person and must be claimed within a limited time period. You can use or redeem these Savers coupons only within the next 90 days or three months from the day of purchase. Only eligible participants can win the discount coupons for themselves.

You can avail of the discount with a minimum purchase of $5 at their offline stores. Winners are intimated through a phone call or either mail address. You will receive your rewards instantly if you are eligible for the prize reward. Also, they get to share their opinions and suggestions about Savers Value Village products and services.

About Savers Value Village Company

Savers Value Village is a thrift store company in the second-hand market. They are amongst one of the most in-demand companies of their kind. They have opened with one store; now, they have over 315 store locations in 40 different states with 2200 employees working with them at their offline and online teams. They sell second-hand clothing, footwear, jewellery, electronics, toys, bedding, furniture, housewares, etc. They conduct several customer satisfaction surveys to deal with improvements and developments in their products and services for future customer visits. William O. Ellison founded Savers in 1954 in San Fransisco, California, U.S.A. The company headquarters currently is at Bellerive, Washington, U.S.A. Its current CEO is Mark Walsh. It is known as Value Village in the northern places.

NameSavers Value Village
TypeThrift and second-hand clothing store
Founded in1954
FounderWilliam O. Ellison
Number of locationsAbove 315 stores in 40 states
HeadquartersBellerive, Washington, U.S.A
ProductsSecond-hand clothing, jewellery, furniture, footwear, electronics, houseware, beddings, etc.

Saver’s Contact Details

  • Phone Number:(800) 259 – 0004
  • Headquarters Address: 11400 SE 6th St #220, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA.
  • Mailing Address:
  • Savers Hours: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Support Hours: Monday to Friday: from 8am to 7pm, Saturday: 9am to 6pm, Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Savers Social Media Handles

  • Twitter –
  • Facebook –
  • Instagram –
  • Youtube –

Savers Near Me Locator

To locate or find the nearest Savers Value Village store to your current location, you have to visit their official site store locator at You need to provide your current location, and then they will find you the nearest store according to your provided location. Also, you will get the complete address and the contact number along with the current store timings and offers valid at that particular store. It also shows some other nearby stores so that you can pick the best one for yourselves. You will get the map directions to reach the selected store with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do Savers rewards work?

To redeem the Savers rewards you need to make a minimum purchase of $5 at their offline store.

What time do Savers open?

The Savers store opens at 10 am in the morning.

What time do Savers close?

The Savers store closes at 8 pm in the evening.

How do donate to Savers?

You can donate to Savers at their official website.

Where are the nearest Savers?

To find the nearest store visit

Who own Savers ?

Savers Thrift Stores is owned by A.S. Watson Ltd, which is part of the A.S. Watson group.

What are the discount days at Savers?

There are few days where there are multiple sales, discounts and offers available at different Savers stores.

When is Savers senior discount day?

There are few random days within the Christmas month where they have seniors discount days.

Is Savers owned by Superdrug?

A.S. Watson the owner of the chain Superdrug in August 2002. Following this, many Savers stores were converted to the format of Superdrug


Participate in the Savers listens customer satisfaction survey where you can share your views and opinions about your experience when you recently visited their offline stores for shopping. You can drop your suggestion and even negative comments if you have any to let them know where they are lacking. These suggestions can help them improve their services and products and make your future visits even more comfortable and happy. Win $ 2 discount coupons which you can redeem at a minimum purchase value of $5 at your next visit to any of their offline stores.

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