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Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey @ www.Pizzahutsurvey.Com – Now And Win Incredible Coupons!

Are you excited about how you could win cash prizes and discount coupons? This article will tell you about the Pizza Hut Survey. There is no better opportunity if you want to win cash prizes and discount coupons. 

Pizza Hut utilizes every approach to give its customers the best experiences. The company has always been justifiable for its services and quality. Further, it has taken the initiative of conducting feedback to ensure that its customers enjoy its services and to determine what all changes could be made to make its customers happy. So, let us look at all the essential details regarding this Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

Objectives of Pizza Hut Customer Survey

Survey NamePizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey
CountryUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
RewardsCash Prizes, Discount Coupons
Receipt Validity Period7 days

Pizza Hut is considered one of the best options for satisfying a customer’s needs in every way. Through its TellPizzaHutsurvey, the company collects data regarding the quality of food, the behaviour of staff, the ambience at their store, and other such terms. Getting feedback is deemed necessary to understand your user base and their expectations.

In return, the Pizza Hut customer survey rewards all its participants. So, it becomes worth contributing some time to share your experiences at this eatery. Pizza Hut online coupons and cash prizes make the feedback worth the customer’s time. Also, feedback eventually helps in improving the services. So, the next time you visit Pizza Hut, it will surely meet your expectations. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria of Pizza Hut Guest Experience Survey?

Let us look at the few rules and regulations before you mark your entry into the Tell Pizza Hut Feedback. 

  • The participant must be 18 years of age or older to enter the Pizza Hut guest experience survey.
  • He/she should hold legal citizenship in the United States. 
  • Employees or their relatives are not permitted to participate in the feedback.
  • You can participate only once using one receipt and it should contain Pizza Hut store number for survey.
  • The Pizza Hut rewards earned cannot be substituted for any other thing.

What Do you Need to Enter Tell Pizza Hut Feedback?

We have listed a few things you would require to participate in the Pizza Hut Feedback survey.

  • The participant must have a valid cash receipt. It must not be older than seven days after your last visit to Pizza Hut. 
  • He/she should have a smartphone or a laptop.
  • The device must have a proper Internet connection. 
  • You must know either English or Spanish. 

Pizza Hut 10 off 20 Survey Questions @ www pizzahutsurvey com

Check out a few questions that you might face while taking Pizza Hut 10 off 20 survey.

  • What is the likelihood that you will recommend it to your family or friends?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at Pizza Hut on a scale of 10.
  • Rate your satisfaction with the quality of food and beverages. 
  • Rate the customer service.
  • How often do you visit Pizza Hut?

How to Take Part in Pizza Hut Online Survey?

Follow the steps below to participate in the TellPizzaHut feedback.

  • Log into the official Pizza Hut feedback website,
  • Choose your preferred language: English or Spanish. 
Pizza Hut customer survey
  • Enter the 11 digit survey code Pizza Hut printed at the bottom of your valid cash receipt without giving any spaces. Click on ‘Next.’
  • Read and answer all the questions carefully and honestly. Once finished, click on ‘Submit.’ 
  • Provide your details and contact information, including your full name, phone number, and email address. 

You will receive your reward through email once you complete the entire process. 

Pizza Hut Rewards

What if you can get exclusive discounts on your free pizzas? Well, certainly, this feedback is an incredible opportunity to make it happen. After you submit your feedback successfully, you will be notified via email about your pizza hut discount codes. You can get up to a discount of $10 on redeeming your coupon code. All you need to do is remember your coupon code and carry your cash receipt on your next visit to this restaurant. Pizza Hut coupons can be redeemed within 30 days of receiving them. However, you need to make a minimum purchase of $20 to claim the discount. This initiative of rewarding its customers has benefitted the company on all terms.   

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an American-based restaurant chain and franchise. It was founded in 1958 by Dan Carney and Frank Carney. This multinational company headquartered in Texas is ranked the world’s largest pizza chain. It has outlets at over 18,000 locations worldwide. Yum! Brands, Inc., Pizza Hut’s subsidiary, is one of the largest restaurant companies globally. It has restaurants in Canada, Mexico, India, UAE, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Egypt, Qatar, the Philippines, and many more. 

Pizza Hut specializes in serving pan pizza, stuffed crust pizza, dippin’ strips pizza, breadsticks, chicken wings, and various other products. Its additional chicken wings menu is known by the name ‘WingStreet.’

NamePizza Hut
IndustryPizzeria, Restaurants
Founded onJune 15, 1958
FounderDan Carney, Frank Carney
Number of locations18,703
Headquarters7100 Corporate Dr., Plano, Texas
ProductsPan pizza, pasta, chicken wings, breadsticks

How to Contact Pizza Hut Online?

  • Phone Number: 1-800-948-8488
  • Headquarters Address: 7100 Corporate Dr, Plano, TX 75024, USA.
  • Email Address:
  • Pizza Hut Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM
  • Support Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Social Media Links
    • Twitter:
    • Youtube:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:

Pizza Hut Near Me Locator

You can visit their official website and click on their store locator to locate your nearest Pizza Hut outlet. You can directly visit the store locator option by clicking this link All Pizza Hut Locations in United States | Pizza, Carryout, Delivery, Wings & More. Then, choose your state from the menu. To find Pizza Hut near me outlet, you can also enter your location, including your zip code, state name, and city name. 

Frequently Answer Questions

What time does Pizza Hut close?

Most Pizza Hut stores close at 11 pm on all weekdays. However, the closing hours during holidays can vary. You can contact your local store to confirm their specific timings.

What time does Pizza Hut open?

Most Pizza Hut stores open at 10 am on all weekdays. You can contact your nearest store to find out about their specific operating hours during holidays.

Who owns Pizza Hut?

Yum! Brands Inc. owns Pizza Hut. It is one of the largest multinational companies in the world.

How do I enter the Pizza Hut survey code?

Visit the official feedback website of PizzaHut Now, in the box given, you must carefully enter the feedback code printed on your receipt.

How to take the Pizza Hut survey?

You need to visit the official feedback website of Pizza Hut @Www.Pizzahutsurvey.Com. Then, enter your feedback code to take the feedback.

When you fill out a Pizza Hut satisfaction survey, do the actual stores know who wrote the feedback?

After completing the Pizza Hut feedback, you are asked to enter your personal information, including your name and contact details. However, only the customer care cell is exposed to such information. 

Where is the survey code on the Pizza Hut receipt?

The 11 Digit Survey Code Pizza Hut is mentioned at the bottom of your cash receipt. It is specified next to the date and time of your visit. 

Pizza Hut, how do you know if you won the satisfaction survey?

The Pizza Hut Customer feedback winners will be contacted through the contact details they submitted while taking the feedback.

Which are the best wings in the Pizza Hut customer survey?

Buffalo Wings are considered the best wings on the Pizza Hut menu.

What if you don’t have your Pizza Hut receipt anymore to do the Feedback?

You cannot participate in the Pizza Hut feedback if you do not have a receipt.

Pizza Hut, why do I never receive 10 off for a survey?

Only one person from each household can participate in the Pizza Hut feedback. If you do not follow any of the rules and regulations of the feedback, you may not receive any reward

Why doesn’t my Pizza Hut receipt have a survey code?

If you do not find a feedback code on your Pizza Hut receipt, you may inquire about it at the receipt counter. Also, if you placed the order through a phone call, you might not necessarily receive a feedback code.

How to use a Pizza Hut survey coupon?

To redeem the coupons, you can use the Pizza Hut survey coupon code when checking out.

How to redeem the Pizza Hut survey code?

You can redeem your Pizza Hut $10 off survey code at the store by showing the coupon code and your cash receipt at the receipt counter. If you are ordering online, you can enter your Pizza Hut survey validation code at the time of checkout.

How to get Pizza Hut gift card balance?

To get Pizza Hut gift card balance, go to and click on “check your balance.” Now, enter your card number and PIN. You can also call 1-877-302-7777 to check your balance.


This initiative by the world’s largest pizza chain, Pizza Hut, benefits both the company and its customers. This guide has concluded all the necessary information related to the Pizza Hut feedback. We hope you have benefitted from this article in letting you know everything about this customer satisfaction feedback. 

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