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If you usually go out to eat at Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant, then you can have a chance to win $2 off your order from the company as a reward for your enthusiastic participation in their survey. You can do so by participating in Moes guest feedback survey labeled MoeGottaKnow and giving your precious feedback to them. The survey consists of easy-to-answer questions related to your visit to their store.

Moe’s company is willing to reform every little detail you think it can improve. The only act they wish for from you is to give your unbiased opinion about the experience you had with them, from entering the store to exiting it; anything you feel that can refurbish their visiting experience, you can add to the feedback. Please do so by visiting their official survey website. We’ll help you to go through the process of completing the survey and winning $2 off on your next order; read on.

What are the Objectives of Moe’s Survey?

Survey NameMoeGottaKnow
CountryThe United States of America.
RewardsA $2 off on your next order.
Receipt Validity Period7 days after the purchase.

The company is hosting the Moe’s survey to get suggestive feedback, as surveys play a crucial role in collecting insights on products, services, customer satisfaction, store environment, and employee behaviour and in making your next visit to Moe’s Southwest Grill even better. The survey will help the company understand the customers’ perspective and improve their business module. Customers will also benefit from that, as customers can get better service and product quality from time to time, as the company is willing to update their quality from time to time.

Besides benefitting from the company’s growth, customers are rewarded for their participation and for answering a few questions about their experience. Participants can redeem the $2 off coupon from Moe’s for free, which they can use at any Moe’s restaurant.

Rules and Regulations to Take Moe Feedback Survey

These are the rules and regulations to be eligible to participate in the Moe feedback survey:

  • You must be a legal resident of any 50 United States and the District of Columbia, age 18 or above.
  • Offer is valid only to one individual per receipt.
  • You must take the survey within 7 days of the purchase because it will expire after that.
  • The coupon will be valid for a month and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Moe Gotta Know Survey Requirements

These are the requirements for taking the Moe gotta know survey:

  • One smart gadget, like a smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet, etc., with a stable internet connection.
  • You must have a basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • You need the receipt of your purchase containing your order#, date and time of visit, amount of purchase, etc.

Moes Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

These are some of the questions asked in the Moes satisfaction survey:

  • How satisfied are you with your experience at Moe’s Southwest Grill?
  • Please tell us the composition of your order.
  • How did you place your order?
  • How did you receive your order?
  • How likely would you recommend Moe’s Southwest Grill to a friend or a family member?
  • Please rate your satisfaction with the elements of your experience:
    • Cleanliness of restaurant.
    • Quality of beverage.
    • Quality of food.
    • Friendliness of staff.
    • Order readiness upon arrival.
    • Value.
  • Was your order accurate?
  • How satisfied were you with the greeting you received at Moe’s?
  • Did you have any problems during your experience?
  • Please provide your contact information:
    • First name.
    • Last name.
    • Phone number.
    • Email.
  • Are you a Moe’s Southwest Grill loyalty member?
  • What is your age?
  • What is your gender?
  • How often would you say you typically visit Moe’s and Southwest Grill?

How to Enter the Moegottaknow Survey?

These are the step-by-step procedure for taking the Moe’s satisfaction survey:

  • Firstly, purchase something from the store to get the receipt for the purchase.
  • After that, open up a browser on your gadget and visit moegottaknow survey official website at
  • Select your preferred language, i.e., English or Spanish.
  • Enter the Moes survey code, store id, state, city date, and time of visit available on your receipt and start the survey. 
  • You will be asked about your visit, service, food, staff, cleanliness, and the store’s environment.
  • You must answer all the questions carefully and honestly. Genuinely answer the questions to help the company.
  • Rate your satisfaction level ranging from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.
  • You can go back to review your answers.
  • Finally, you must fill in your full name, contact number, email id, home address, etc.
  • After submitting your final answers, click on submit.

After the submission, it will provide you with the validation code, which you must write on your receipt. You can redeem the coupon code and get a $2 off reward on your purchase at the store.

What are the Moes Rewards?

The survey became a platform for Moe’s customers to state their genuine opinion towards the company’s products and services, which can help the company improve.. The customers will also get better products and services in return. The company also rewards its customers for participating in the survey for a couple of minutes and answering simple questions. The reward includes a $2 coupon redeemable by the customer on the next visit to any Moe’s store in the United States. Remember, you can redeem the Moes coupons within 30 days. The Moes rewards also keep changing, so be aware of that and claim the reward you like the most.

About Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s referred to as Moe’s Southwest Grill is an American fast-casual restaurant founded by H. Martin Sprock III in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, in December 2000. It was popularized for the different tastes of its Mexican food, like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. They have over 700 outlets located in the 50 states of the United States. The restaurant is known for its experience other than the food. With a great environment and friendly staff, you can enjoy your tacos with a great dining experience with your family or friends. The company, founded in 2000, feels young, enthusiastic, and friendly. They are most known for their tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads, burritos, bowls, and much more Mexican-style food.

NameMoe’s Southwest Grill Restaurant.
Founded onDecember 9, 2000
FounderH. Martin Sprock III
Number of locations681 (2021)
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia, United States.
ProductsTacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, Stacks, Nachos.

Moe’s Company Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +1 404-442-8932
  • Headquarters Address: 2915 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA
  • Mailing Address: 5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30342.
  • Moes Hours: Monday–Saturday: 11:00AM–11:00PM and Sunday: 11:00AM–10:00 PM
  • Support Hours: 7 days a week.

Moes Social Media

  • Twitter: 
  • YouTube:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

How to Locate the Moes Near Me?

Moe’s Southwest Grill operates in over 700 locations in the United States. To locate Moe’s Southwest Grill, use their official Moes near me locator at

Frequently Answer Questions

Where is the closest Moe’s?

There are over 700 Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurants in the United States. Locate one near you using their official locator at

What time does Moe’s close?

Moe’s restaurant closes at 10 pm. Everyday.

When does Moe’s open?

Moe’s restaurant opens up at 10 am. Everyday.

Who sells Moe’s gift cards?

You can purchase a gift card from Moe’s official website at

How long does the $2 coupon last for Moe’s from the survey?

The $2 coupon from the survey lasts 1 month from when it is redeemed.

When do Moe’s rewards expire?

The rewards usually expire within 1 month after being generated.

How to enter the survey discount code for Moe’s?

You have to write the Moes coupon code on the receipt and use it on your next visit to their store. Or you can use it while ordering online under the relevant section.

Why can’t I access moegottaknow?

There are 3 reasons you cannot reach moegottaknow. They are survey issues, invalid code, network issues.

How can I check the balance of my Moes gift card?

To check the Moes gift card balance, visit and enter gift card number and pin.


If you have visited Moe’s Southwest Grill and want to give them a suggestion or feedback regarding their food or service, you are provided a platform at moegottaknow. The company appreciates your feedback, and as a gratitude gesture to their customers, they are providing free rewards that you can use at their store. The article is a convenient tool to enter the survey and win that $2 coupon, as it takes you through the steps to complete the survey correctly.

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