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Mcdvoice.Com – Mcdonalds Customer Survey | Share Your Feedback And Grab Your Favourite Meal For Free

Do you want to get your McDonald’s favourites for free? Check out this article to learn how to get McD free meals. McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the world. The company has now introduced surveys to ensure its customers are fully satisfied. The – McDonalds customer survey has been designed to assess the reviews of customers based on their recent visit to the outlet. Besides, every customer who participated in this survey will get coupons to get their favourite burgers, Egg McMuffin, or other meals for absolutely free. Let us look at how to participate in this survey and get yummy treats from McDonald’s. 

Mcdvoice.Com Survey Objective

Survey NameMcDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
RewardsFree McEgg Muffin, BOGO offers
Receipt Validity Period7 days 

McDonald’s is the most popular fast-food chain. Hence, it is necessary that the company maintains its standards and primarily focuses on satisfying its customers in a better way. Knowing about the customer’s reviews and expectations is very important. Therefore, a feedback survey would help to know about honest customer reviews. The McDonald’s Customer feedback survey is not only beneficial to the company. In return, the company offers all its survey takers yummy rewards. By retrieving the McD Voice coupons, the customers could win their favourite meals provided they satisfy the eligibility conditions. Apart from this, the data collected from McDVoice com survey would eventually be used to provide better products and services to customers. 

McDonalds Feedback Survey Rules and Regulations

Here are a few guidelines of McDonalds feedback survey regarding eligibility terms and conditions. 

  • The survey taker should have a minimum age of 18.
  • The participant is expected to be a legal resident of the U.S. 
  • The survey should be taken within 7 days of receiving the cash receipt. 
  • The rewards earned are non-transferable. 
  • One can take the McDonalds satisfaction survey up to 5 times in a month.
  • Only purchases made in the U.S. are eligible. 
  • Employees, staff, or their relatives cannot participate in the survey. 

What are the Prerequisites of McDVoice Customer Survey?

Here is a list of a few things you would need to participate in the McDVoice customer survey.

  • A valid cash receipt with the McDonald’s voice survey code printed on it.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish. 
  • A device such as a smartphone or a laptop with a stable Internet connection. 

McDonalds Survey Questions

Here is a list of McDonalds survey questions customers might face while taking it.

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at McDonald’s. 
  • Rate the satisfaction on food quality, order accuracy, friendliness of staff, taste, and temperature of food. 
  • What is the likelihood that you will recommend it to your friends or family?
  • Did you face any problems during your visit?
  • Your satisfaction is based on cleanliness, ambience, and speed of service. 

What is the Procedure to Participate in Survey?

Here are the steps to participate in the McDVoice survey with receipt.

  • Visit the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – survey official site. Keep your cash receipt handy.
  • Choose your desired language i.e., English or Spanish from the dropdown menu. 
  • Enter the 26-digit survey code present in the middle of your cash receipt. 
Mcdonalds Satisfaction Survey Image
  • In case you do not have a survey code of 26-digits then, click ‘If you don’t have a 26-digit code printed on your receipt, click here.’
  • Now, enter the store number, KS number, date and time of visit, order, and the amount spent from the survey receipt.
Mcdonalds Feedback Survey Image
  • Click ‘Start’. 
  • Now, answer all the survey questions honestly based on your experience at McDonalds.
  • Once submitted, you will receive your validation code as a reward. 

McDonalds Rewards

McDonald’s is offering yummy treats to all those who took its survey. After the completion of the survey, you will get a validation code which you can redeem it on your next visit to the store. You can get a McDVoice free sandwich, burger, egg McMuffin, meals, or other BOGO offers using the McDonalds survey validation code. However, you must redeem the code within 30 days of earning it, after which it will be considered invalid. You must ensure that you safely keep the McDVoice coupon code and cash receipt. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim your free meals. This offer is for a limited time and may vary. The McDonalds rewards are offered to encourage customers to participate in the survey. 

About McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world. Richard and Maurice McDonald founded this multinational fast-food corporation in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. The company later developed as a franchise. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. With its store locations at around 39,198 locations worldwide, this industry giant has evolved into the world’s largest fast-food chain. McDonald’s offers a wide range of food products such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, a breakfast menu, soft drinks, milkshakes, chicken products, wraps, desserts, smoothies, and salads. Besides, McDonald’s is the world’s second-largest private employer, with over 1.7 million employees. Moreover, it also has the ninth-highest brand evaluation. 

TypePublic company
Founded onMay 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, California
FounderRichard, Maurice McDonald
Number of locations39,198
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, U.S. 
ProductsHamburgers, chicken, french fries, beverages, desserts, wraps 

How to Contact McDonald’s Customer Care?

You can contact McD in case of any query via this McDonalds complaint contact information. 

  • Phone Number: 1800-244-6227
  • Headquarters Address: 110 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60607, United States of America.
  • Email Address:
  • McDonalds Hours: 24 x 7
  • Support Hours: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

McDonald’s Social Media Links

  • Twitter: 
  • YouTube:  
  • Facebook: 
  • Instagram: 

How to Find Mcdonald’s Near Me?

To find the nearest McDonald’s outlet, you need to visit the company’s official website and look for its store locator feature. Visit Now, enter your zip code and city name and click on ‘Locate Me’ to detect the nearest McDonald’s outlet automatically. Likewise, the other method is using Google Maps to locate the nearest outlet. McDonald’s stores remain open throughout the years except on national holidays such as Christmas and Easter Sunday. 

Frequently Answer Questions

How to do McDonald’s survey without a receipt?

You must participate in the McD survey with a receipt. Therefore, one must have a cash receipt to participate in the survey. 

What time does McDonald’s close?

McDonald’s offers a 24 x 7 service on all weekdays. So, you can enjoy your favourite meals anytime you want. 

What time does McDonald’s open?

McDonald’s outlets mostly offer 24 x 7 service. 

Who owns McDonald’s?

Since 1995, Ray Kroc has held the ownership of McDonald’s. 

How many McDonald’s are there?

McDonald’s has outlets at around 39,198 locations worldwide. It is the largest fast-food chain in the world. 

Why can’t I take my McDonald’s survey?

Check if you have entered the correct survey code. The McDVoice survey code must not be valid or expired. Also, note that you can participate up to five times a month. The other reason the survey does not work is that the network connection is unstable. 

Where can you buy McDonald’s gift cards?

You can buy McDonald’s gift cards from their official website, Alternatively, you can purchase gift cards from other retailers such as Kroger, Safeway, Amazon, Food Lion, Kohls, and Giant Eagle. 

How much is on my McDonald’s gift card?

To check the McDonalds gift card balance, you must visit the gift card section on the official website of McD Then, enter your gift card number, and you can get all the information. 

What does a McDonald’s survey code do for you?

The McDonalds survey code is a 26-digit code used for taking part in the McDVoice survey. 

How does McDonald’s get their customers to survey?

By offering great rewards, McDonald’s convinces its customers to participate in their survey. 

What can you get by doing a McDonald’s survey?

After completing the McDonald’s customer survey successfully, the customers would get a burger, Mc Egg Muffin, meals, or other food products for free. 

How many numbers are in the McDonald’s survey code?

There are 26 digits in the McDonalds receipt survey code available on the purchase bill. 

What happens when you compliment a McDonald’s employee in a survey?

Whenever the customers include the name of any of the employees in their feedback as appreciation, McDonald’s offers rewards to that employee. 

Can McDonald’s tell who took the survey?

Yes, McDonald’s knows who participates in the survey since it asks to include your contact information. However, they respects their customers’ privacy and would not use your personal information. 

What free meal do you get for filling out the survey at McDonald’s?

By filling out the survey, McDonald’s rewards the survey takers with coupons. You can redeem the McDonalds coupons to get a buy one get one free Quarter Pounder with cheese. Besides, you can also get a free Mc Egg Muffin. 

What happens when Mcdonald’s gets a bad survey?

The data collected through the survey will be used by Mcdonald’s to improve its services and provide better customer satisfaction. 

How long are McDonald’s survey codes good for?

You can use the McDonalds survey for free food code only once within 7 days of receiving it. After 7 days, it becomes invalid. 

How many times can I take the McDonald’s survey per month?

You can take as many as five McDonald’s surveys in a month. 

How do I make a complaint to McDonald’s?

You can complain to McDonald’s by reaching out to their customer service via their customer support service www.mcdonald’ You can also place a call at 1800-244-6227 to make a complaint. 

How much is an egg McMuffin at McDonald’s?

The egg McMuffin costs $2.79 at McDonald’s. 

How to do McDonald’s survey fast?

McDonald’s customer experience survey takes only a couple of minutes to complete. 

How to redeem McDonald’s survey code?

You can redeem the McDonald’s validation code by using it at the time of bill evaluation. You can also redeem it online by using the coupon code at the time of checkout. 

How does McDonald’s verify survey coupons?

The McD survey coupon codes are auto-generated. Hence, it is easy to detect whether the coupons are valid or invalid. 

How to use McDonald’s survey with the mobile app?

You must use the McDonald’s mobile app to take their survey. You must reach out to their survey website,, to participate. 


McDonald’s offers an incredible opportunity to win free meals such as burger, egg McMuffin or other BOGO offers for free. So how could you grab this opportunity? Just take part in the survey and answer a few questions. Once finished, you will get free coupons. In this article, we have explained the complete details regarding the McDVoice Guest Experience Survey. 

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