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GetGo Guest Satisfaction Survey – Add 10 Bonus Perks to Your Card

The GetGo Guest Survey is available at for customers. The survey is designed to help GetGo better understand its customers. The aim of this survey is that the company will be able to make positive changes across its outlets with the information gained from this survey. Due to its effectiveness with large volumes of data, customers can take the survey online. Their employees do their best to meet customers’ needs when they have a positive experience at one of their locations. However, if customers are dissatisfied, the www GetGoListens com Survey allows them to express their concerns, directing the company to where it needs to make changes.

www GetGoListens Com Survey Overview

Survey NameGetGo Guest Satisfaction Survey
RewardsPromo code, gift card
Receipt Validity PeriodFive days

Collecting customer feedback on current products and services will provide the company with the data it needs to make future decisions. Using GetGo Feedback Survey to collect feedback, the company can determine what makes their loyal customers happy and what makes them unhappy. The information gathered from the GetGo listens Survey assists the store in remaining relevant and better understanding the needs and desires of its customers.

The company will work hard to improve its brand image and keep loyal customers. When a customer has a negative experience, the company can learn the root cause of their dissatisfaction and take the necessary steps to remove it. The survey will also help the company understand how to keep its customers satisfied. Customers dissatisfied with the product or service will not hesitate to share their negative experiences through this survey.

What are the Terms and Conditions of GetGo Guest Satisfaction Survey?

  • The customer must be a USA legal resident.
  • Age should be 18 and above.
  • The customer must have a recent GetGo purchase receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.
  • A computer, laptop, or phone device with internet access is required.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language.
  • This survey is not eligible for the directors, representatives, employees, and their families.
  • Purchasing an item from the store is important to enter and win.
  • Only one person can participate in the survey per receipt per month.
  • The offer expires 30 days after the receipt date.

What do you Need to Take GetGo Customer Survey?

  • A recent GetGo store purchase receipt that contains an invitation for the survey is necessary.
  • Piece of basic knowledge of English language.
  • Computer, laptop, or mobile device with internet access.
  • Valid email id.
  • 5 – 10 minutes to give to complete the survey

Get Go Listens Questions @ www GetGolistens com survey

GetGo will use the survey question to evaluate the overall GetGo Store experience. Customers will face questions about how satisfied they are with the following aspects of their most recent store visit:

  • The friendliness of the salesperson and cashier.
  • Attentiveness of the workers The efficiency of the checkout
  • Describe how the sales floor team interacts with customers.

Because the company never shares the client’s information with other companies, customer replications are kept private. All questions about the customer’s satisfaction with the visit, why they visited the store, whether all items were available, and whether they found everything they were looking for must be answered. Responding to Get Go listens survey questions will reveal any issues the company is unaware of and will aid in their resolution. As a result of his survey, there will be an improvement in the company’s products and services as they analyze customer feedback.

How to Complete GetGo Guest Feedback Survey Online?

GetGo Customer Satisfaction Survey image
  • Customers can find the survey number on their most recent GetGo store purchase receipt.
  • To proceed with the survey, enter the number into
  • After entering the survey code, click ‘NEXT.’
  • Customers can express their true feelings and experiences by answering the GetGo Survey questions and answering honestly.
  • Customers must then enter their information for the monthly sweepstakes.
  • Their information includes their name, phone number, email address, age, etc.
  • To finish the survey, press the ‘SUBMIT’ button.
  • The company will send a message to the customer inquiring about the prize winner.

GetGo Gas Rewards

To show appreciation to customers, the store decided to award prizes and hold monthly sweepstakes for lucky winners. Customers who complete the survey are eligible to win a GetGo promo code. The monthly sweepstakes prize is a $200 GetGo Gift card. GetGo coupons also include a 30% discount on all convenience store products and GetGo gas rewards worth up to $50. The prizes are non-transferable or refundable. The offers will be valid for 30 days following the winners’ announcement and receipt date. The winners will be announced on the store’s official website and contacted via the email and phone number provided in the survey.

About GetGo

Giant Eagle is a chain of convenience stores based in Pittsburgh’s suburbs with GetGo being a subsidiary. The company has stores in Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. A convenience store chain called Cross Roads launched GetGo in 1985. As part of Giant Eagle’s fuel business, Giant Eagle opened a gas station in Youngstown, Ohio, branded “Giant Eagle Fuel” in 1995. Giant Eagle purchased most of the Cross Roads stations from Guttman Oil in 2003. In September 2018, Giant Eagle acquired Ricker’s convenience store chain.

This is GetGo’s largest acquisition since the company’s inception. Unlike the parent company, which has several privately owned locations, Giant Eagle now owns and operates all GetGo locations. GetGo began operations at Giant Eagle’s HQ in nearby O’Hara Township in 2008, then relocated its test kitchen and headquarters to 45 McIntyre Square Drive in 2015. The building was formerly Don Pablo’s and Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant. It is on the Ross Township side of the Ross/McCandless border, across the street from the McIntyre Square Giant Eagle store.

IndustryConvenience stores, Fast Food Gas Stations
Founded on1985 as Cross Roads, 1995 as Giant Eagle Fuel, 2003 as GetGo
FounderDavid Shapira, Executive Chairman, Giant Eagle
Laura Shapira Karet, CEO & President, Giant Eagle
John Lucot, President and Chief Operating Officer, Giant Eagle
Polly Flinn, EVP Giant Eagle & President, GetGo
Number of locations264 locations
HeadquartersRoss Township, Pennsylvania, USA
ProductsGetGo kitchen, WetGo Car Wash.

GetGo Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 1-800-553-2324/1-412-366-3912
  • Headquarters Address: 45 McIntyre Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, Unites States
  • Mailing Address: 45 McIntyre Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, Unites States
  • GetGo Hours: 10 hours
  • Support Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

How to Reach GetGo Social Media?

  • Twitter:
  • Youtube:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

GetGo Near Me Locator

To find the nearest GetGo convenience store, customers can visit the store locator at You can find GetGo stores using Zip codes, cities, and states.

Frequently Answer Questions

What are the rewards for participating in GetGolistens?

By participating GetGo customer survey, customers can win a Getgo promo code and a gift card worth $200.

What time does GetGo close?

Depending on the store location, GetGo generally closes at 8 p.m.

How to use GetGo points?

You can redeem GetGo points at any GetGo store. All you have to do is sign up for a membership at the Getgo store, and when you make a purchase, points will accumulate in your reward score, which can be redeemed at any time.

How to get a GetGo card?

GetGo advantage card is available at any GetGo store location.

How soon do GetGo rewards expire?

GetGo rewards expire within 30 days after the receipt date.

How to use the GetGo gift card at the pump?

You can use the GetGo gift card at the pump by showing the card to the cashier or any employee of Getgo to get a discount.

How to get a new GetGo card?

To get a new GetGo card, go to nay GetGo store location and buy another card.

What gift cards does Getgo sell?

GetGo sells only GetGo gift cards at any GetGo store location.

Do GetGo reward points expire?

GetGo reward points expire within two months.

How to check GetGo gift card balance?

You can check your GetGo gift card balance in a few different ways. You can either check online on their website at or give a call at 1-800-553-2324. Alternatively, you can visit any GetGo Cafe store and inquire with a cashier about your balance.


We hope this guide has shown you a fantastic opportunity to win exciting prizes. The GetGo Guest Satisfaction Survey is the focus of this article. The company hopes that all loyal customers will participate in this survey to improve customer service and products and services. The company has also provided contact information. Customers can contact them if they have any further questions.

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