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Fedex Customer Satisfaction Survey @ www.Fedex.Com/Welisten – Win $7 Off Discount Coupon!

We listens is customer satisfaction survey conducted by a courier service company FedEx. The company to hear from their customers about their service and how they feel about making improvements at It wants to know what people think of them as a service provider who is established all over the globe and wants to implement changes so that they can improve. It always believes that there is always a scope for improvement beyond trust. They are requesting their clients to avail themselves of some information about your experience with FedEx services to make them enhance their services for your better future experiences. They invite their customers by a survey invitation code to fill out the FedEx office survey by answering some basic questions. For answers to their questions, you will be rewarded with some great discount coupons of the value of $7 on your immediate next bill.

Www.Fedex.Com/Welisten Survey Overview

Survey NameFedEx We Listens Survey
LanguagesEnglish or Spanish
Survey URL
RewardsDiscount offers of value $7 on your next bill
Receipt Validity Period7 days from the issue

The company’s primary objective behind the FedEx customer satisfaction survey is to collect information and data about customer service satisfaction. As they are a global brand name, its responsibility is to provide the most upgraded and advanced services with the best customer service to its all-around customers. To deal with this, they have curated this survey at to directly hear out from their customers about their satisfaction and deal with it by implementing these changes. They rely on the negative feedback from most of these changes.

Customers, in return, also get great FedEx survey coupons of an instant discount worth $7 on their next invoice from FedEx. They can redeem them within the following days of the coupon issue. They also stand a chance to directly communicate with the service providers they rely on for their goods transfer or e-commerce services.

Eligibilities for FedEx Com Welisten survey

  • Prizes are not directly equivalent to money or any cash.
  • Entries will not be accepted on behalf of third parties.
  • Purchase does not increase your chances of winning discount coupons.
  • Incomplete survey participants will not be considered eligible for any prize.
  • Purchase is necessary to participate in the survey.
  • Only eligible participants will be considered for the survey prizes.
  • One person per household is allowed to participate in the www FedEx com Welisten survey each month.
  • Only a few lucky winners will win the FedEx survey coupons.
  • Winners shall claim the prize within the next 5 days of the announcement.
  • Staff members, employees, associates, and their family members are not allowed to participate in the survey.

What Do You Need to Participate in FedEx Welisten Survey

  • Participants should be a minimum of 18 years or above age.
  • They should be a legal and legit resident of the United States of America.
  • There should be proper network connectivity.
  • You should have a smart device like a mobile phone, desktop, or laptop to access the FedEx Welisten survey.
  • Proficiency in understanding English or Spanish is compulsory.
  • A survey invite code is required to participate through the online modes.
  • You should have a valid email address to fill out the survey.

FedEx Survey Feedback Questions

FedEx We Listens customer satisfaction survey is conducted as a questionnaire in which some basic questions are asked in several categories. You have to answer them according to your experience with them. There will also be statements you must rate again according to your opinions and experience. You should not skip any questions to be eligible to win Here is the list of some questions.

  • What type of services did you require during your visit?
  • How likely are you to return to any of the FedEx stores?
  • How likely will you recommend the FedEx office to your family, friends, and colleagues?
  • The friendliness and willingness of the staff to help you?
  • Were the staff members know enough about the store services
  • How frequently do you visit the FedEx office for business or personal projects?
  • Which of the following best describes your purchase
  • Please tell us why you chose FedEx office over our other competitors
  • Would you like to receive news, promotions, and several offers by email from the FedEx office?
  • How would you rate your overall experience with purchasing from the FedEx office?

How to Complete FedEx/welisten Survey Online?

  • To participate in the FedEx survey, visit their official website, i.e.,
  • After opening the survey website, it will show you a thank you note in English and Spanish. You have to press ‘Next.’
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  • Then you have to choose your preferred language, which can be either English or Spanish. By default, English is chosen.
  • Now it asks which of the following best describes your purchase; answer that and enter the following button.
  • If you have the receipt, select the yes in the “ Do you have a receipt” question and again press next.
FedEx Welisten image
  • You can participate only if you have either an offline or online receipt.
  • Mention the transaction number of your purchase available on your invoice.
  • Now, enter the purchase details like your name, Purchase number, survey invitation code, date and time of your visit, store number, etc., and press ‘Next.’
  • A questionnaire will be available on your screens, asking different questions one after the other. Once you answer all the FedEx survey feedback questions and are satisfied with your responses, you can submit the survey.
  • After that, all the lucky winners will be informed through an email or a phone call about their winnings of FedEx discount codes.
  • Viola, you are done filling out FedEx feedback survey successfully.

FedEx Rewards

FedEx values its customers’ efforts and time consumed in providing the answers to the company’s survey questions. Hence, in exchange for this, they give their customers a golden chance to win some fantastic survey rewards of $7 on their next purchase from the FedEx offices. You can earn an instant discount worth this amount on your immediate next bill value. They want to make your time worth the value. You can not transfer these prizes to any other person. Also, these rewards are not provided in direct money or cash rewards.

You have to claim the reward within a given time limit of 30 days from the issue. Winners of the survey are selected randomly, and each winner can earn a discount coupon once per month. Besides getting a chance to win FedEx coupon codes worth $7, you can also get a chance to directly share your opinions and comments with the company, where they are considered for future improvements and updates.

About FedEx Transport Company

FedEx Corporation is a worldwide service-providing and e-commerce chain providing its services for over 50 years. It is a courier service company earlier known as Federal Express Corporation till 1995, functional all over America to serve its customers. They are the biggest company in courier servicing and e-commerce of their kind. It was founded on 5 May 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A. Fredrick W. Smith founded it.

Currently, its headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the U.S.A., with over 450 stores in 29 different states of America. They offer services like Post Delivery, express delivery, superfast mailing, e-commerce couriers, third-party logistics, etc. After being such a name and trusting its customers, they tend to believe there is always room for improvement. Hence, they conduct customer satisfaction surveys also.

NameFedEx Corporation
TypeCourier services and e-commerce
Founded on5 May 1971
FounderFredrick W. Smith
Number of locations450 stores in 29 different states of America
HeadquartersMemphis, Tennessee, the U.S.A.
ProductsPost Delivery, express delivery, superfast mailing, e-commerce couriers, third-party logistics, etc.

FedEx Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 1800-209-6161 or 1800-247-4747
  • Headquarters Address: Memphis, Tennessee, the U.S.A.
  • Mailing Address: FedEx Customer Relations
  • 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
  • Memphis, TN 38116
  • FedEx Hours: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Support Hours: 24 x 7 hours through email and 8 am to 10 pm through live chat

Social Media Links

Twitter –
Instagram –
Facebook –
Youtube –
Linkedin –

FedEx Near Me Locator

You can find your nearest store location by visiting the ‘find a store’ section on their official website. You need to provide your exact current location, and they will provide you with Burlington’s nearest store location along with its directions and map. Its web link is They will also tell you the store contact numbers and timings so that you can easily reach out to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to leave feedback for FedEx?

Visit their official survey website at

How to leave positive feedback for FedEx driver?

You can visit the rating section of the FedEx official website to leave a positive feedback.

Where to give feedback for FedEx customer service?

You can leave a feedback at their official customer satisfaction survey at

What time does FedEx close?

The FedEx stores close at 8 pm in the evening.

What time does FedEx open?

FedEx open at 9 am in the morning everyday.

Who owns FedEx?

FedEx is owned by Frederick W. Smith, who is the chairman and CEO.

Where is the nearest FedEx drop off?

You can find the nearest FedEx drop off office at

What is FedEx rewards?

FedEx rewards are discount coupons worth $7 for taking the survey.

Where is my FedEx rewards number?

You can find your FedEx reward number if you are amongst those lucky winners who have won the discount coupons.

Where to buy FedEx Gift Card?

You can buy a FedEx gift card at their official website’s gift section.

How do I file a complaint with FedEx?

You can file a complaint with FedEx at their complaint section of their website.


Provide genuine feedback on your experience at FedEx We listens survey. They invite their loyal customers to fill out the customer satisfaction survey and provide their opinions and reviews about their services. You can stand a chance to be among those lucky winners who will earn great discount coupons worth $7 that can be redeemed on their next bill from FedEx offices. You are also getting a chance to consider your opinions by the company directly.

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