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Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey – – Win a rocker

The Cracker-Barrel survey is a guest experience-sharing platform where all the loyal customers who have shopped or dined at Cracker Barrel are asked to share their experiences and suggestions about their food and services. You’ll be asked a series of questions on, and you have to answer them by your most recent visit to any of the Cracker Barrel stores. You can also share feedback in your own words. They will work on your negative comments if you drop them.

They want you to tell them what you like and want them to work on. For sharing the feedback, Cracker Barrel gives an amazing chance to win a free worth of $150 or $100 gift cards, which you can redeem at your next visit or on online orders.

CrackerBarrel Com Guest Survey Overview

Survey NameCracker Barrel Survey
LanguagesEnglish or Spanish
Survey URL
RewardsCracker Barrel $100 gift cards
Receipt Validity Period3 days from the purchase

Cracker-Barrel conducts surveys to connect with its customers and find out how happy they are with their food and services. They want to know what things they like and what still needs improvement. They conduct this all year round so they can make improvements throughout the year. Collecting this data helps them improve their services and food for further business advancement and makes their guests more satisfied.

In response to this official website, customers are allowed to stand a chance to win $100 gift cards. They also get a chance to share their views with the restaurant directly so that they can improve. The decision to select gifts lies with the winner of the survey.

Rules to Follow for Cracker Barrel-Online Survey

  • Participants did not get any direct money.
  • Entries will not be selected if sent through 3rd parties.
  • Purchase is mandatory to participate in the survey.
  • If your CrackerBarrel com guest survey is incomplete, you’ll be eligible to participate in sweepstakes.
  • Eligibility for the sweepstakes is required to win any of the above prizes.
  • One person could participate once per week.
  • winners are liable to pay any taxes.

What Do I Need to Enter Cracker Barrel-Survey.Com?

  • It would help if you were of a minimum of 18 years or above to participate in the survey.
  • Access to any desktop, laptop, or mobile phone is necessary.
  • You need to have proper network connectivity to access the questionnaire.
  • A basic understanding of either English or Spanish language is required.
  • Purchase is mandatory to participate in the survey through online modes.
  • Cracker is only for legal residents of the United States of America.

Most Asked Questions in CrackerBarrel Survey

To find out Cracker barrel questioning, we have prepared a list of some genuine questions you can keep in mind and think of while on your visit. This www CrackerBarrel survey com questions are in each category and majorly in multiple choices, with either single choice or multiple selections. You will also get to write the feedback in your own words.

  • Which of the following Cracker barrel experiences did you have?
  • What type of dining experience did you have at the Cracker Barrel?
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with Cracker Barrel dining
  • The overall cleanliness of the store
  • Cracker Barrel associates in making you feel like a valued guest
  • The hospitality of the Cracker Barrel associates
  • Accuracy of your order
  • Speed of receiving your order
  • The temperature of your food
  • Overall value of the price you paid for your meal

What is the Step-by-Step Process to Complete Cracker Barrel Survey @

  • To participate in the Cracker Barrel survey, first, ensure that you have a survey code that will be printed on your receipt from recent visits.
  • To start filling out the survey, you need to visit the official survey website of the Cracker Barrel, i.e.,
CrackerBarrel Customer Survey Image
  • Now choose a language in which you want to access the questionnaire. You can choose from either English or Spanish. English is selected by default.
  • Once you have selected the language, you must enter the survey code printed on your receipt and the date and time of your visit to the store. You can find these details also in the receipt.
  • Then press ‘start.’
  • Now a series of questions will be in front of your screen. They will prompt you with more questions in different categories once you have filled these. Don’t skip any questions; you can even leave a negative comment.
CrackerBarrel Guest Survey Image
  • Once satisfied with your answers and have answered all the questions, you can submit your response.
  • After that you will get a chance to enter sweepstakes process, for that you need to submit your details like name, address, phone number.
CrackerBarrel Feedback Survey Image
  • Once you are done, they will notify you via mail.

How Long Does it Take to Earn Cracker Barrel Rewards?

In response to their customers’ feedback and appreciation for their time, they reward them by standing a chance to win a gift cards worth $100. They can redeem these gift cards at their next offline store visit or online orders. These rewards are not transferable to any other person and cannot be used by any other person on your behalf.

To win these Cracker Barrel rewards, you need to enter their sweepstakes, which take place every week. They announced one winner every week. The choice of the reward lies with the winner. Also, getting a chance to share your comments and suggestions with the food company directly is reward worthy. Your suggestions are valued and considered for future improvements.

How to Participate in CrackerBarrel- Listens.Com Sweepstakes?

By participating in the survey, you can get a direct and free entry to their sweepstakes, where you can stand a chance to win Cracker Barrel gift cards worth $100. Only candidates that qualify for all the requirements and criteria are eligible for win any prize. Making a purchase does not increase your probability of winning the sweepstakes. They selected winners on a lucky draw basis. Purchase is not required to participate in the sweepstakes. You can even participate in the sweepstakes without filling out the Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction survey.

You can participate in the CrackerBarrel- sweepstakes through online or conventional post mailing methods. To participate through the mail, you need to write down your personal information like name, postal address, postal code, phone number, email address, etc., and mail it to their official mailing address, i.e., CRACKER BARREL SWEEPSTAKES, PO BOX 787, LEBANON, TN 37088-0787, U.S.A. You can also enter through a phone call, call at 800-467-0047 and answer all their questions to enter in the sweepstakes.

About Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is one of the unique food chains in the United States where not just food but its interior and decor are also equally remembered. Its creativity in decorating with antiques and old fussy decor items is famous all around the place. People came across to enjoy mostly southern food like chicken fried steak, grits, chicken dumplings, pork chops, etc. David Evans established it in 1969 in Tennessee and still maintains its headquarters. They have over 600 stores in more than 40 states. They also conduct surveys to make their customers more satisfied.

NameCracker Barrel
TypeFood and cuisines
Founded on19 September 1969
FounderDavid Evans
Number of locationsMore than 600 stores
HeadquartersTennessee, U.S.A.
ProductsSouthern-style food like chicken fried sticks

How to Contact Cracker Barrel Headquarters?

  • Phone Number: 800-333-9566 or 615-444-553
  • Headquarters Address: Lebanon, Tennessee, U.S.A.
  • Mailing Address: CRACKER BARREL SWEEPSTAKES, PO BOX 787, LEBANON, TN 37088-0787, U.S.A.
  • Working Hours: 6.00 AM – 10.00 PM
  • Support Hours: 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM , Note: Timings will varies depends upon the location.
  • Social Media Links :
    • Twitter –
    • Facebook –
    • YouTube –
    • Instagram –

Cracker Barrel Near me Locator

You can find your Cracker Barrel near me store location at Press enter if you want to input your current location. You will receive a store location and map directions nearest your input location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I leave feedback for the Cracker Barrel?

To leave Cracker Barrel feedback, visit their official survey website,

where to buy Cracker Barrel gift cards?

You can buy them in the gift cards section of their official website-

what stores sell Cracker Barrel gift cards?

Every store in Cracker Barrel sells gift cards.

how to check the balance on Cracker Barrel gift cards?

You can check your Cracker Barrel gift card balance via this link

what is the age for a senior discount at Cracker Barrel?

The minimum age for the senior discount at Cracker Barrel is 60 years or above.

what time does the Cracker Barrel close

Closing Cracker Barrel hours are around 10 pm. Although timings will change depending upon the locations.

what time does Cracker Barrel open?

Cracker Barrel stores open at 6 am. Although timings will change depending upon the locations.

who owns Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel is owned by David Evins.

where is the nearest Cracker Barrel?

You can find the nearest Cracker Barrel stores at

why is not working?

CrackerBarrel com guest survey page might not be working due to some server issues or poor network connectivity.

is there any www crackerbarrel survey com win a rocker contest?

No, At present, there is no conducting – win a rocker contest, the only survey reward is $100 gift card.

how do I get Cracker Barrel coupons?

Visit for more information about Cracker Barrel coupons.


To win amazing prizes from Cracker Barrel, you can give them your valuable thoughts and opinions about the food and services they offer. By answering their questions about your recent visit to their stores or online orders, you can stand a chance to win $100 gift cards that can be redeemed at your next visit. When you visit the Cracker Barrel offline store, please keep the receipt intact so you can use the survey invitation code imprinted on it to enter the survey.

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