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Casey’s Guest Satisfaction Survey @ – Amazing Chance to Win $500 Gift Card!

Our nation is filled with mixed needs, and the demand for convenience stores is at an all-time high. Casey’s is the exact store the consumers are looking for right now. The company aims to fulfil the basic needs of a consumer without twirling him into a web of confusion. A consumer can find everything he needs at Casey’s. From gasoline to fresh groceries and more. But Casey’s is also famous for serving people its tastiest dishes. One which highlights the food serving a section of Casey’s is their delicious pizzas with variations. It is one of the largest convenience stores to ever operate throughout the history of the United Nations. Your honest Casey’s feedback and suggestions will make the company to perform better.

The convenience store chain operates throughout the Midwestern and southern United States. The founder of this company decided to franchise the stores in small towns with fewer populations. This seed idea of his grew into a whole tree now. The convenience store chain started seeing profits and expanded further into the parts of the U.S. Casey’s has decided to turn their focus on its customers now. They require honest feedback from their buyers to derive decisions regarding their work. The ones who give their opinions will be given a chance to win a $500 gift card. So without any further adieu, let us learn about the steps to participate in their survey.

Caseys Feedback Survey Overview

Survey NameCasey’s Feedback
CountryUnited States of America
Rewards$500 Dollar Gift card
Receipt Validity Period7 days from purchase.

The information you feed to the website is crucial for the company. The company’s management decisions are based on your feedback you give to the company. The feedback will analyse the opinions of the participants and certain alterations made in the store. The company focuses on improving its very own growth. The review you give the company will prove to be a valuable resource for making decisions related to improvement.

On the other hand, customers will witness improvements and positive impacts in stores due to their honest reviews. This will ultimately improve their customer experience from there on. Moreover, the participants get a chance of winning a gift card. This situation favors both sides. Keeping these facts aside, the information you provide to the company will be protected through any means necessary. It is a strict action stated in their official privacy policy. Participants are therefore encouraged to provide their genuine opinions in Casey’s customer satisfaction survey without hesitation.

Eligibilities For Casey’s survey

  • Entrant must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Person must be aged 18 or older to participate in Casey’s pizza survey
  • They must have some experience as a consumer in any stores of Casey’s available.
  • Participant must not be a current worker or an Associate of Casey’s.
  • A person must not be an immediate family member of a current worker of Casey’s.
  • The Casey’s survey is void wherever it is restricted/ prohibited by law
  • Participant will be eliminated if he is found to have used any ill means of participation.

Survey Caseys Requirements to Give Feedback

  • The person must possess a device which is functioning properly.
  • Uninterrupted network connectivity must be available.
  • Possession of a valid purchase receipt of Casey’s is mandatory here.
  • The participant must be able to understand either English or Spanish.
  • Must have a Legit Email ID, and other contact details asked for.
  • The person must have some consumer experience at Casey’s

Casey’s Feedback Survey Questions

  • The Casey’s feedback survey might ask about the staff and their behaviour towards the consumers in-store.
  • It might ask about the quality of services and products provided.
  • It might ask about the status of additional facilities provided within the store.
  • The level of cleanliness and sanitation maintained at the store might be enquired.
  • Your expectations for a perfect convenience store might be asked.
  • Other questions regarding the current appreciated trends of the consumers might be asked here.

How to Participate in Casey’s Feedback Survey Online?

  • In order to complete the Casey’s online survey, the participant must have his purchase receipt with him.
  • Visit the official Casey’s survey website –
  • Upon entry, you must choose the language which you prefer the most. Choose either English or Spanish.
  • Next, fill in the survey number and the date of purchase on the receipt.
caseys survey image
  • After clicking the Start tab, you will navigate to a page with many questions.
  • These questions will be related to the company, which requires your attention. The questions must either be filled in or rated through respective polarities.
  • All these questions and their answers are vital for the company. So do fill in honestly.
  • After answering all the questions, submit the Casey’s feedback survey.
  • The next page will ask for your name and contact information. Do fill in without any hesitance.
  • Once you submit your data, a page will be displayed where you can join the sweepstakes.
  • Within a few days of winning the sweepstake, the company will contact you regarding prize distribution.

Casey’s Rewards for Survey

Casey’s survey winners will receive a $500 gift card after the sweepstakes. The gift card can be used on products sold exclusively at Casey’s. There is no transferability or exchange of the gift card for cash. This reward is sponsored by Casey’s, which will have no value if used anywhere other than Casey’s. The winner has to take the sole responsibility for the taxes and extraordinary charges levied upon the reward. Casey’s will not replace lost, stolen or damaged gift cards. You must use the reward before it expires

How to Enter into Casey’s Sweepstakes?

Upon completing the Casey’s guest satisfaction survey, the participant will enter a new page where sweepstakes will conduct for the prize. The sweepstakes is organised, administered and sponsored by the Official Casey’s. This sweepstake is only open in Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Odds of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received during each Sweepstakes period. Winners of the sweepstake will be notified within 2 days through Email. The sweepstake is governed by the law of the state of Iowa.

About Casey’s Store

This prominent convenience store chain available in the United States of America is named after the founder’s friend Sir. K.C. Fish. Originating as a gasoline station first, Casey’s found their recognition as a convenience store as time passed. A partnership between the founder and his friend started it all. The founder used to target small towns with fewer populations, which turned out to be the winning strategy of the whole brand. Casey’s stores turned public during the 1970s and have shown tremendous progress. It has revenue of about $ 10 Billion U.S. Dollars with a workforce of about 40000 working under its name.

Founded on1967
FounderDonald Lamberti
Number of Locations2200+
Casey’s HeadquartersAnkeny, Iowa, United States
ProductsPrepared foods, Gasoline, Beverages, Snacks, Dairy products, Salads and so on
Casey’s Websitewww.Casey’

Casey’s Contact details

  • Casey’s Phone Number : (866)922-0767
  • Headquarters Address : Casey’s General Store, One SE Convenience Blvd. Ankeny, IA 50021, United States
  • Casey’s Hours : 24/7
  • Support Hours : Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Email ID :

Social Media of Case’s

  • Instagram :
  • Facebook :
  • Twitter :
  • Youtube :

Casey’s Near Me

Given below link is to find the Casey’s location near you

Frequently Answered Questions

Has anyone Won Casey’s Survey Gift Card ?

Yes, many have won their gift cards from Casey’s for participating in their survey.

How Do I Make a Complaint To Casey’s?

Contact Casey’s through their Email ID – or call them @ 515-965-6100

How Do You Get Free Pizza At Casey’s?

You need to Collect 10 pizza box tops. But once you do get 10, you will get a free large pizza added to your account.

Is Casey’s Pizza Good?

They are quite perfect good. Their Breakfast and Taco pizzas are rated fine.

What Time Does Casey’s Open?

Casey’s stores operates 24×7

What Time Does Casey’s Close?

Almost all Casey’s stores operates 24×7

Who Owns Casey’s General Stores?

Rutter’s Holdings and CHR Corporation.

Where Is The Nearest Casey’s?

Use the link –

How Many Casey’s Stores Are There?

There are Around 2200+ Casey’s stores in the whole of U.S

How To Find Balance On Casey’s Gift Card?

To check your Casey’s gift card balance, call 800-522-7159.

How to get Casey’s pizza coupons?

You can buy Casey’s coupon codes at


Casey’s is one of the best convenience store chains available in the country. It jump-started its expansion by focusing on customer needs and setting up stores at places where customers needed it the most. This quality of theirs rewarded them.

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